FAQ Cake Smash Sessions

WHERE DO CAKE SMASH SESSIONS TAKE PLACE?  I love the outdoors and the natural backdrop it provides, so in most cases I really encourage and prefer outdoor sessions.  The only outdoor place that I will not do a cake smash is on the beach…sand and messy frosting as you can imagine do not mix well.  I do have some studio backdrop options for an indoor session which can be done in my studio if there is inclement weather or if this is your preference.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE CAKE SMASH SESSION?  I will provide a few appropriate props to coordinate with your theme.  Props may include shaggy furs, stools, benches, buckets.  I will provide your 6″ cake that we coordinate to match your theme.  Cake smash sessions are short and to the point.  They focus solely on the baby and are not designed to include siblings or other family members.   We will do a few clean photos before baby gets messy.

CAN WE INCLUDE SIBLINGS OR PARENTS IN SOME PHOTOS?  If you’d like to include some sibling or family photos, we will tack on additional time and there will be an additional fee.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING TO THE CAKE SMASH?  It is your responsibility to provide clothing/attire for your child.  You are welcome to bring an outfit for clean photos, and also a cake smash outfit that will get messy.   If you have special props that you want to include (teepee, wagons, balloons…) you are certainly welcome to bring them, I do ask that you provide pictures of the props prior to the session.